James publishes his original and collaborative research, articles, short reports and latest findings on the study of loyalty, cooperation, and human relationships. 
The Risks Women Take
What Jeopardy may tell us about risk-aversion in women and how their behavior and game strategy often differs from men.
Why Humans Cooperate...Sometimes
Despite living in large social groups for hundreds of thousands of years, cooperating with others does not come naturally for humans. 
Walking Away
Why some relationships stay, why some leave, and the surprising motivations behind each decision.


Below are links to research, studies, articles and books by others contributing to the science behind human relationships and human behavior.

Featured Research

Propensity for Risk Taking Across the Life Span and Around the Globe

- Rui Mata, Anika K. Josef, Ralph Hertwig

Safety, Threat, and Stress in Intergroup Relations

- Pascal Boyer, Rengin Firat, and Florian van Leeuwen