Learning by doing.


Several of today's leading organizations, known for their extraordinary relationships, have adopted the principles and tactics revealed in James Kane's workshops, seminars, and consulting engagements. They learned by doing - by practicing what he preaches under his personal direction and applying his research and proven strategies to their own real-life situations. The results are not only unprecedented loyalty from their most important relationships, but the transformation of their organizational cultures.   



Download workshop brochure

Download workshop brochure



James Kane’s Workshops have a long legacy of effectiveness in helping participants build nearly unbreakable relationships with clients, customers, members, sponsors, donors, vendors, and employees. The programs offer participants an opportunity to briefly step away from their daily responsibilities and re-evaluate those relationships that are critical to their own success and the success of their organizations. Armed with new skills, tools, and tactics, participants will return to their careers with fresh insights and strategies for taking all their relationships to new levels.

To learn more about James's workshops and seminars, or to inquire about his availability, please contact him here.





James is in the process of developing several recorded classes for Udemy and Skillshare that will be available in the summer of 2016. Be sure to check back for more information.



James does a limited amount of consulting each year; however, he is always willing to help organizations (regardless of size) that have a strong desire and commitment to building and maintaining loyal relationships. To inquire about his availability and the specific services he offers, please contact him here.